The Only Living Boy In New York
2004-10-24 | 1:42 a.m.

I have a whole list of things to mention and don't feel like connecting them all together through any kind of logical narrative, so I'm just going to make a list and y'all are just gonna deal with it. BUT...there'll be pictures so it'll be worth it. I promise.

1) It dropped to 43 degrees tonight. I love this weather, but I'm not totally at a position to really enjoy it seeing that I came to Brooklyn with a duffle bag on August 26th while is was still hot and summery outside. And now it's starting to get chilly, and I'm still working from that one duffle bag of summer clothes while all my cooler weather clothes are in bags in a garage in NewJersey. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I'll go somewhere and find myself a sweatshirt.

2) I got my hair cut about a month ago but a totally adorable man named "Scholmy" at a cute little salon down the street from Ryan's apartment. It's grown out (obviously since it's been a month) so I'm contemplating going to the same place to get trimmed up again. In the following picture you can see me with the lower half of my face cut up modeling the haircut I got at the end of September. You can also see me sporting my "Look at me, I'm a trashy 13year old latino boy" mustache....the culmination of me not shaving for a week.

In the background you can clearly see what I have labeled as "Ryan's Lube" but after the picture was taken I was informed that the lube truly belonged to Ryan's roommate, TheJew, and that Ryan was only borrowing it. TheJew backed this story up and seemed rather upset that half the bottle was gone from when he had last had it. I told them both that I was silently judging them for sharing lube in the first place.

3) I finished reading all of the books in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. I used to think that Stephen King was a hack and his books weren't all that good. Not that I had ever read anything by him, but my opinion for author's who's books I constantly saw being sold in gas station and grocery stores wasn't all that high. And maybe some if his books aren't that good, but good lord if the Dark Tower books aren't fucking fantastic. His mastery of etymology and regional dialects makes me wet in my panty area.

4) At the beginning of the month Ryan's friend David from California was in NYC on business so we hung out with him a number of times over his stay because we were terribly bored and Ryan was keeping his fingers crossed for the slim chance that david would get drunk and take all of his clothes off and shimmy & shake for us. This didn't happen, but I did tweak David's nipples during a prime photo opportunity on Ryan's couch.
fast forward to yesterday when I received a decorative box of expensive cheeses in the mail.

David says that I HAD to share it with everyone, and that it was a thankyou for hanging out with him while he was here and making his business more bearable. I tasted all the cheeses and decided that I only really liked one of them, so I'm keeping that one for myself and sharing the two stinky cheeses with everyone. I know they love a stinky cheese.

5) I've been walking Ryan's dog Brody a lot. One these walks I have paid very close attention to Brody and his habits and I've come to the realization that the dog likes to take shits in the most precarious positions possible. The night before trash day, he likes to climb atop the piles of garbage bags that folks have out at the cub and leaving delicate little poppy surprises for the trash men to find the next morning as they're tossing all the bags into the back of the truck. As I watch the dog do this I argue with myself whether I should scoop the poop or not. Part of me says that it's already with the trash and trashmen probably wear gloves anyway so it's not that big of a deal....but then the other part of me starts dreaming up various horrible scenarios in which the errant Brody poop ruins someone's day and causes them to go home and beat their mail-orver-bride in the carport. So I have crumpled under my own guilt thus far. I just don't want the Mail-Order-Brides to cry anymore.

6) At long last I have finished all of the artwork for the upcoming 2005 SWiSH calendar and it doesn't look all that shitty if I do say so myself. I haven't a clue how anyone can get one of these calendars...I think you'll eventually be able to buy them off of their website, and there might be one or two locations in NYC to pick one up. I'll find out more info about that later.

7) I love this picture. Apparently I smelled like a delicious meat product or someone's crotch and Brody decided that he needed to bury his nose in my hair and give me a little top of da head luvin'.

8) I watched Broadway:The American Musical this past week on PBS and it was really fucking good. I sang along with most of it and got all misty at the end. It was narrated by Julie Andrews. God damnit I love that women (hi, I'm a homosexual)

9) I've started reading a book about the Chicago World's fair in 1893. In the book they did this whole section on the landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted who also designed Central Park in NYC and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. So I went online and was looking at some websites and was a little surprised to find out that I was sitting in an apartment about two blocks from Prospect Park. On friday the weather was lovely and Ryan had the day off, so we dragged the dog over to the park and wandered around in it for about 3 hours. We got totally lost, but I found lots of nifty places to a) hide bodies and b) have anonymous sweaty gay sex. If anyone lives in the area and hasn't gone to walk around in this place I would encourage you to do so. It's quite lovely.

Half of the time we�re gone but we don�t know where,
And we don�t know here.
Da-n-da-da-n-da-n-da-da and here I am,
The only living boy in new york.
I get the news I need on the weather report.
I can gather all the news I need on the weather report.
Hey, I�ve got nothing to do today but smile.
Da-n-da-da-n-da-da-n-da-da here I am
The only living boy in new york

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