Like Candy...
2004-04-01 | 5:01 p.m.

I don't understand why I'm totally unable to write diary entries while I have music playing. I always feel like I'm going to be sitting here writing about how I spent the entire day pretend I was a cat and sitting in the same possition for hours at a time...and then all of a sudden I'll think I'm Mandy More and I'll inform everyone that I'm missing them like candy (ugh give it to me, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah). I mean, seriously...what the hell is my problem? Is my attention so easily swayed that I easily confuse my own words with the ones being spouted at me by my beloved lesbian angst rockers that I adore so much?

The answer is yes.
But no one should be worried until there is no music playing, and I'm still missing everyone like candy.

So moving on, I got a whole shit load of pictures in my email from the good folks over at SWiSH so that I may begin doing drawings for a Pin-Up girl calendar that is in the works. The fist two subjects at Sue (SWiSH president) and Aaron, the only man sexy enough to be the physical embodiment of Ma'am Marie (Aaron isn't appearing in the calendar as Ma'am Marie, he'll just be his little old thigh-high, platform boot wearing self). So now I'm sitting here with my's really hard to draw people as being sexy, with out making them come across as being slutty. I mean, as I sit here and draw the President of this soon to be nation wide, non-profit organization I have to remember not to make her look like a 2 bit whore with her boobies hanging out all over the place. We're talkling tasteful, playful, and sexy in that "I'm all innocent, but I look so naughty, but I'm still pure, but I could totally eat you alive if I wanted to, but I won't cause I'm a good girl...sometimes" kinda way.

Very difficult, but I think that the sketches I got down work fairly well. Aaron is turing out to be more difficult cause I originally drew him in a "Oops, look at my ass!" kinda pose, but I'm afraid it'll make his butt too big. So I redrew him, but his hair doesn't look at fun in the second one as it did in the first one. So I have to chose...either have fun hair and a big butt, or have a normal butt, but less cool hair. I guess if I went with the less cool hair I could always make the breasts larger cause they're always a distraction anyway.
I'm sure I'll figure something out, never fear.

And for you 12% Beermates, yes I will eventually draw (or REdraw as it is with a few of you) everyone. Infact I did a few sketches of Disco the Kid the other day, but I wasn't very pleased with how he came out. He looked like how Disco would look if I was really fucking draunk, and wasn't wearing my glasses and got Disco confused with a brick wall. Oh well. Soon Doug m'dear...very soon.

Oh, and I dyed my hair too. Seeing that I have really dark hair, when I want to dye it a fun and exciting color, I first need to bleach it. After bleaching it my hair looks as though I have about 12 fluffy duckies roosting on the top of my head. Do fluffy duckies roost, or do only chickens roost? Well, whatever the term, I'm covered in fluffy freakin' duckies. Then I smear myself down with hair dye, this so many times before...I have chosen to become the shade of "Dark Hybiscus". Sounds very sexy, no? Oh yes, so very sexy. If you feel as though you can resist the allure of my sexy reddness, then you should foolishly click right here.

I find it amusing that for the past three months I have been looking for jobs that are IN My Field. Now, honestly, there really AREN'T any jobs in my field, because most Illustrators just freelance, and I have three freelance jobs going on right now...but really only one that I will reap any type of money from. SO, I had to start looking for a day job, and I find it sad that I had my resume posted on a few sites, and emailed different companies for information about job...but the second I apply to a retail store, they call me back RIGHT AWAY. So tomorrow I have an interview at Best Buy by the Bridgewater mall. I'm still not sure if this will be one of those places that will look upon me with awe because I can speak in complete sentences with a non NewJersey/NewYork accent. Let's hope so, that would make me feel all special. And let's hope I get it too, because I've been unemployed for about 9 or 10 months now and that's totally un-fun.

Has anyone read One Hundred Years Of Solitudebefore? I'm sitting here reading it and I think I've been doing a good job keeping all the characters straightened out in my head (ya know...seeing that they all have the same names). But any of you out there who have read this, answer me this one question. Why the hell doesn't Amaranta marry Pietro Crespi? I mean, when he was engaged to Rebeca she was all like "I'm gonna get you BITCH! You ain't gonna be marrying MY man...over my dead body" and she did all this fucked up shit so that Rebeca wouldn't marry him...and finally she doesn't because Rebeca decides that it'll be more fun to start fucking her adopted brother, Jose Arcadio.

So Pietro Crespi is all like "Fuck, my bitch ran out on me with her brother! Sick yo!" and he's all sad, and Amaranta makes her move, and he falls inlove with her and they're courting and everyone's fine and dandy...and then Pietro Crespi asks Amaranta to marry him and she's like "FUUUUCK NO!" and he's like "FUCK!!!" and is so distraught that he goes home and kills himself. Then Amaranta is like "Oh woe is me, for I was in love and now my love is all dead and shit" so she sticks her hand into the fire so she can remind herself what it means to "feel", and wears a black bandage on her hand for the rest of her life.

What the hell is going on here? Did she never really like him or is she just a crazy bitch? And what's with all the "Hey we're related...LET's fuck!" going on? Oy this makes my head hurt.

Well I'm gonng post this without proof reading for various grammatical errors, like normal...and then I'll go make Jambalaya.

And remember:
You know who you are, your love is as sweet as candy. Iíll be forever yours.
Love always,

Boy Iím craviní
Missing you like candy...

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