A Revolutionary Winter
2004-02-25 | 5:31 p.m.

Justin and I had all sorts of wild, torrid adventures today in JockeyHollow in MorrisTown, NewJersey. We communed with nature and I got all huffy and out of breath cause I'm fat and out of shape...granted I've never really been in any shape besides fat, but whatever. There are a lot of pictures here so those of y'all with slow connections...suck it up.

There's a picture of good old George being contemplative and thinking "Gosh, it sure is a revolutionary winter!"

There was walking, and trees...and freash air, normally things that I rarely see and/or experience.

Justin, pausing here to enjoy the majesty of the outdoors, was not breathing as heavily as myself seeing that he sometimes does some sort of activity over the course of the day, where as I tend to sit for hours on end and staare out the window.

More trees and the cruel, cruel sun.

This was (is) the historic Wicke farm...or something like that. I wasn't paying attention. This is the back of it.

...And this is the front...


Uh...pointy building thing!


We walked past this old woman in a field and we were like "FUCK YEAH OLD WOMAN!! We just walked past your old stupid ass!!"

Beyond the field was more trees.

Justin, once again, stood to enjoy them while I hissed and cowered by a stump.

Then, on the ride home, Justin took a picture of his groin for me. Yay for me!

that is all...you may go now

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