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2003-12-03 | 10:45 p.m.

Have you ever been writing an entry in here and done something stupid and lost the whole thing? Well, I was sitting here this afternoon thinking about writing an entry in which I actually paid attention to my grammar and spelling...and I was even planning on going back and proof reading it before I posted it (I know...amazing, huh?) And in great fear of doing something stupid and losing the whole thing, I started writing it in a different program. OH...how smug I was....right up until I turned off the computer with my foot by mistake because I'm a total moron.

Oh well, I guess a good entry will have to wait for another day when I'm not feeling totally lazy. I find it amusing that all my other 12%Beer brothers and sisters actually seem to put a little time into their entries by giving them some type of form and infusing them with a little wit. I, on the other hand, seem to just toss about random tid-bits that really aren't that interesting.

Oh woe-is-me. Dull dull dull. Why the fuck have I been watching Buffy the god damn fucking Vampire slayer since onepm? I've had this thing running non-stop for nine hours. Why do I have this problem? WHY? Is it just because Spike reminds me of Billy Idol and when I think of Billy Idol I feel the great need to gyrate my hips slowly while moaning and sloshing a glass of whine all down the front of my flimsy, low-cut blouse as I rub a poster of Billy on my groin and grunting "rock MY cradle of luv baybeeeeeeeee UH uh UH!!!"

::pelvic thrust::

For whatever reason, I am a sick sick young man and I need help. Which is why tomorrow I plan on laying in the middle of Pete's waterbed and drowing myself in IcedTea.

Why are there so many dark scary places in Buffy-Land? This is such a silly show....and yet I love it more than I love the sweet taste of crack.

yay, time for candy!

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