Gone to the Met
2004-03-03 | 9:51 a.m.

I had really prepared myself for shitty weather yesterday. According to Mr.WeatherMan, it was going to be cold and rainy and I should stay inside and look longingly out of my window and sigh mournfully as the big wet drops tumbled down from the sky, and then made myself a bowl of Campbell's soup to eat my the fire. But instead is was warm and only slightly overcast in the moring, and really turned out to be a beautiful day.

Metropolitan Museum of Art exterior So Justin and I decided to head into the City and hit up the Metropolitan Museum of Art seeing that I had never been to a museum in NYC before, and we both get off on being cultured. Pete had suggested a good time for us to head in and we didn't hit any traffic, which was lovely. And, after getting lost in the parking garage for a little bit, we finally made our way into the museum. I was quite pleased that they allow you to take pictures, even if it was without the flash. I took a whole shit load.

When I was taking a Color Theory class, we did this whole thing on grafitti and the social history of grafitti, and I remember foolishly thinking that grafitti was a fairly recent invention. I have no clue why I thought this. But it amused me that, when Justin and I were standing in this temple, there was grafitti from the early 1800's carved into it's walls. Mosly just people's names with the dates, but it was still rather amusing.
Egyptian Temple of Dendur

I just love how, most of the time when people draw the virgin Mary, they give her an almost abnormally oval face, with those little pouty lips that look as though they were ripped off the face of a 20's silent file actress. I totally forget who painted this, and what the name of it is, but I really liked the image and the colors and I'm rather surprised that the picture came out as nicely as it did.
Virgin Mary with Communion host

20th Century art
If you look at the little guy on the right, he stood infront of that painting for like, 10 minutes. I really wanted to get a picture of it because it was a huge painting of a big, fat, naked guy's ass sitting on a little cushion. I saw it and was like "Well shit! I know people who LOVE pictures of big, fat, naked men!" but that guy would not move from infront of it. I had to double back twice inorder to give him enough time to absorb all the glory of the naked man ass. I hate waiting.

statue of some girl looking distressed
I don't remember who this was supposed to be, so let's just pretend it's Antigone for no good reason. She was right next to a statue of Sappho grabbing her right boob (Sappho was grabbing her own boob, not the boob of the girl we're pretending is Antigone...just wanted to clear that up).

The ceiling just inside the Museum's entry hall. It was big, and...arch-y.

Central Park
When we were done with the museum, Justin and I went and walked around in Central Park for a little bit because it was now in the low 60's and all sunny and breezy outside. So a lovely day was have by all, and if this has taught me anything, I think that I learned I should never sit here and post pictures unless I have amusing things to say about them because this is all really fucking boring otherwise. If you feel like having a little fun of your own, you can feel free to peruse all the pictures I took yesterday and make up your own witty comments about them. Share them with a loved one. It's fun for the whole family.

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