Fried Chicken & Waffles
2004-10-11 | 1:38 a.m.

So last night I took the NYC subway all by myself for the first time. I didn't die like I thought I was going to, however, when i was changing trains at Jay St. some hot sexy police men came onto the platform and told everyone that we all had to leave the station. Why? who the fuck knows. I was going to claim that I was a terrorist so that they'd rough me up a bit, but I thought better of it at the last moment and went up and sat on a bench by the PolyTech univ. building for awhile and stared at people for about 20 minutes. A little later on I saw that people were going into the station again so I went back down and got on a train. I then met Ryan and his friend David at a starbucks where we decided to head a block or two over to CAFETERIA for dinner. I was really disappointed to see that they took their really good "Fried Chicken and Waffles" off the menu.

Our waiter was totally cute and after he had given us our menus he looked at me and said "I know you." I stared up at him blankly and said "Really?" He then asked me if I had gone to SCAD and i said that yes indeed I had. he then informed me that he also went to SCAD, was an Illustration major and we had had classes together. I felt really bad because, while he looked familiar, I never would have placed him in any of my classes. So I said something random and stupid and he wandered off to get us drinks. At the end of the meal I urged David to leave him a big huge tip so that he would endear himself to me and tell any mutual friends of ours that I associate myself with wonderful tippers.

After dinner we walked to the Village and wandered around all the little shops and took in the queer atmosphere. At one point we walked down past The Dugout and i could see in ryan's eyes that he was yerning to go in there. "If we go in you'll totally leave with a phone number." He says to me because, ya know, I really want phone numbers and that'll get me to go somewhere. I asked Ryan if he wanted to go inside and he said it was up to David and I. David quickly jumped in and said he would do whatever I wanted to do. I, on the other hand, was having none of that and said that, No, I did not want to go to the Dugout because people hitting on me in person would freak me out, but if no one looked at me twice I would pout a lot. So I suggested we go get drinks at The Caliente Cab Company which was a lovely idea. A few minutes later we were sipping margaritas at an outdoor table and looking quite hip and trendy.

It was a lovely evening all in all. Ryan and I got back to Brooklyn around 1am and I took the trash out and walked the dog because Ryan looked like he was about to pass out. I find it sad that I feel more safe walking around Brooklyn NY at one in the morning than I ever did walking around in Savannah at night. Hum....go figure.

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