The Beam
2004-09-12 | 1:33 a.m.

This evening Ryan and I climbed out onto his roof and I took this picture of the lights coming out of where the twin towers used to be. It's really odd because it's a lot different than when they have those big spot lights to announce a sale at a car dealership, or to call for batman. No these freakin lights go up...and up...and they just keep going up. Every so often I would see an airplane pass by and cast little sideways shadows on the beam. All things follow the beam, huh? I was told that they can see it from Connecticut.

I really have nothing to add beyond that. Life seems a little bit surreal recently. Not because of 9/11...just because life is life and that's what happens.

When I was on the roof taking pictures, it smelled lightly of chinese food. And that made me smile a little bit to myself in the dark.

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