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2004-05-30 | 12:04 a.m.

Did I say that I would update more often? Was that me? I'm so confused.

If it was me I, apparently, lied. But, I will say this: If I were to update I would probably do nothing but whine about writing my resume. I've been working on this bitc for a few weeks now. I sat down and wrote out everything that I have done and all the duties that I've had at old jobs...and it was 3 pages long.

So then I started trying to slim it down to one nice page, got pissed off, and deleted the whole damn thing. So now I found a really old resume that I made and I'm just going to pop my two newest freelancing jobs on there and call it quits. I give up.

Also, while my book is quite lovely, it's really boring and I need people to suggest books to me that I should read because my list is getting shorter and shorter. You can either email me or sign my guest book (the links to which are to your right===>)

If you would do this for me I will love you forever. If anyone is curious as to what were the past few books I just read, click on the book cover (once your right===>)

and now...I sleep.

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