The Luckiest
2004-02-23 | 2:54 a.m.

I'm laying face down in bed. My skin is still soft from the shower and I smell of over-priced shower gel, a strange mixture of medicinal herbs and older things that remind me slightly of my grandmother, but not in a bad way. A muted green towel decorated with wide-eyed tropical fish all swimming in one direction is tangled around my legs and I lay there stretched out, silently enjoying my cleanness.

He's laying on the other side of the bed, engrossed in small paperback with a torn green cover and yellowing, dog-eared pages. He looks up, yawns, and spies me watching him. A grin crawls across his face.

"What are you doing?" he asks blinking his green eyes slowly, putting his book down and turning towards me

"Nothing" I say, and run my fingers over the hairs on his arm closest to me. "Just looking at you." He smiles again, sticks his tongue out and nestles his head into his pillow. Moments later his eyes are closed and hes making light sleeping noises. I can feel the muscles in his legs tense for a second before accepting the comfort of the bed and sleeping along with the rest of his body. I reach over and touch his thick black hair, run my fingers down one of his side burns and trace the line of his jaw.

He sighs and mumbles something unintelligible and filled with sleep. Then rolls over on his side, pulling a black pillow half over his head, creating a soft shield from the floor lamp creating a dim glow in the corner of the room.

I slide out of bed, toss my damp tower into the hamper in the corner, and pull on a pair of clean, royal blue boxer shorts with pictures of fried eggs all over them. I switch off the light and slip back into bed, inching slowly to where he is laying.

I feel my stomach brush lightly against the small of his back as I entwine my legs gently around his, my arms hugging him from behind. I rest my head on his pillow and lightly rub my nose across the nap of his neck, inhaling his fading cologne and thinking of pine trees in a dark forest with a crescent moon rocking sleepily above them. I close my eyes and sink a hundred miles into the bed.

Where was I before the day that I first saw your lovely face? Now I see it everyday, and I know.
I am the luckiest.

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