My milkshake is better than your's
2003-11-23 | 12:04 p.m.

Yesterday Pete and myself went to the mall. Why did we go to the mall on a saturday afternoon, you ask? Fuck if I know. We did have a plan at the beginning, but the second we were awash in the bright lights and frivolous spending...we were lost.

I've noticed that people up here dress a hell of a lot differently than they did in Georgia. I don't really know why this is...maybe it's because there are more affordable clothing stores up here, or maybe it's because we're in such close proximity to New York city, a great strong hold of the fashion industry and bastion of "trendy places", that it all just kinda over-flows into the surrounding areas and effects everyone involved.

Which could be a good reason why all the teenagers dress like LL cool J wannabe ghetto sluts. While Pete was in line at the cash register, I stood outside the video game store and watched the parade of painfully skinny, prepubescent little girls skip by with their cliques, in a flourish of cell phones, flipping hair, and high-pitched chattering. Why do these little girls, who have no discernable "shape" what so ever, feel the need to wear pants way too damn tight, and cut so low that it looks like their little hootchie-pop is going to explode out all over the place.

And it's not like the boys are any better, but they're on the opposite end of the spectrum. Most of the boys I saw walk past me were swiming in their own personal sea of fabric cause their pants were so damn huge and their shirts were oversized. These boys wear their pants down so low that I'm sure the next fashion trend will be to just walk around in your underwear and have your pants dragging around behind you from a rope tied around your waist.

Total foolishness.
I can't wait for these kids to grow up a bit and look back on pictures of themselves right now and revel in the absurdity of how they look. I mean, we've watched "I love the 80's: Strikes Back"...we know how silly we looked. I can't wait till it's their turn.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

While at the mall, I did something that I know countless other gay men have done recently...I bought the new Tori Amos CD (well...less "new" and more like a "greatest hits" kinda thing). Yes, it's true...hate me if you must but I am a Tori fan. I'm not one of those irritating "Oh my god, Tori is totally my goddess" kinda fan, but I enjoy her music greatly and I do try to go and see her in concert when she's in the area.

I will say that this is a good "greatest hits" type CD cause all the songs are remastered so you hear different parts of the song that you're not aware of in the original recordings. And the bonus DVD is pretty keen too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So yesterday consisted of lots of shoping, but very little buying. Pete and I started out at the Woodbridge Mall, then to IKEA in Elizabeth. Then we headed into the city to see what movies were playing, and we drove around Manhattan for a bit...and then got some grub at the Empire Diner (which had red creamy birch beer, which makes me tingly). Good times were had, but we never saw a movie cause all the ones showing looked kinda craptastic.

* * * * * * * * * *

Have y'all heard that "MilkShake" song? What the fuck is that all about anyway? I'm so confused.


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